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Photograph of Enigma Detroit.

About Enigma Detroit

Enigma Detroit is a seven piece Greek band out of Detroit formed in 1999. The band consists of a male vocalist, bouzouki, keyboards, guitar, drums, percussions, and a sound engineer. In addition, a Klarino and a female vocalist are available by request. We also include Complete DJ & Emcee Services for every event.

Enigma Detroit's objective is to consistently deliver the highest quality of modern and traditional live Greek Music. Our arrangements are unique, our repertoire extensive, and our sound authentic. For an unforgettable evening, let Enigma Detroit captivate you. We will take you to the next level of Live Greek Entertainment.

Throughout the years, Enigma Detroit has performed with and accompanied many famous Greek Artists including: Thanos Petrelis, Eleni Hatzidou, Konstantina, Giorgos Daskoulidis, Katerina Topazi, Stella Georgiadou, & Konstantinos Xristoforou.

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Sakis, the Singer.

Sakis, the singer.

Sakis is Enigma Detroit's male vocalist.

Mihalis, Maestro and Keyboards

Mihalis, Maestro and Keyboards

Mihali is one of the original and founding members of Enigma. Through his many years of musical experience, Mihali helps arrange and orchestrate the music of Enigma while his extensive knowledge of Greek music enables him to develop the band’s extensive repertoire.

Giorgos, Drums

Giorgos, Drums

Giorgos is a highly energetic drummer who loves performing live. His exposure to different types of music from an early age, add valuable shape and dimension to his playing style and the overall sound of the band.

Stratos, Bouzouki

Stratos, Bouzouki

Strato is the band's bouzouki player. He has worked with many Greek Artists and this experience enables him to complement all musical affairs. His dedication and admiration for the bouzouki can be heard in every performance.

Giorgos, Guitar and Vocals

Panagiotis, Guitar and Vocals

Pete learned guitar by studying jazz. He has a true love for the instrument as well as for Greek music. Through a variety of acoustic, electric and rock tones, his guitar adds a unique sound to the band.

Vasilis, Douberleki and Percussions

Billy, Douberleki and Percussions

Vasili’s passion for the Douberleki began at a very young age. Through countless hours of practice, and hundreds of performances, he has evolved into a true percussionist. Vasili gives energy and style to Enigma’s rhythm section. He consistently entertains the audience and brings Kefi to each and every performance. Vasili is also in charge of all DJ services, social media, and promotions for the band.

George, Sound Engineer and Production

George, Sound Engineer and Production

George is the band’s sound engineer who consistently delivers Enigma’s professional sound at each and every performance. George is also in charge of production and maintenance.